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Save Me Shampoo

Save Me Shampoo

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A non-silicone shampoo that deep cleanses the hair and scalp.

With a refreshing wash, it's soft and light.

The scalp has a large amount of sebum secretion, and it is said that sebum and dirt ( rinse residue such as shampoo and hair styling products ) tend to accumulate. By thoroughly removing such sebum and dirt, the treatment will be easier to penetrate and prevent thinning hair.

In addition, polyglutamic acid repairs damaged hair and prepares the cuticle, leading to glossy and smooth hair.
Create a healthy base by clearing the dirt and damage that you receive in your daily life.

<Contains multi-vitamin and hyaluronic acid>

All skin care and hair care products contain 5 types of multivitamins (niacinamide, panthenol, biotin, ascorbic acid, tocopherol) and hyaluronic acid.

By stabilizing it with our proprietary ingredient "Amino Clay" that acts like a derivative, these beauty ingredients are delivered to the stratum corneum appropriately and efficiently.

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