Thoughts of the developer

our brand concept " beauty goes around ] contains various thoughts. Everything is in constant circulation, so that we return to the earth what we receive from the earth. That's why we started this project with the desire to deliver products that create a better cycle for both people and the earth.

~Project Story~

The ' Amino Clay ' project was originally started with a focus on vitamins. A vitamin is a word derived from the Latin vita (life) +amine (nitrogen-containing amine compound) and is an essential ingredient for sustaining life.

Vitamins are substances that organisms on earth have needed since ancient times, and it is widely known that they are infinitely natural and highly effective. However, on the other hand, it was a very difficult material to deliver effectively to the body due to its low stability.

As a result of continued research and development to find a way to stably and effectively deliver this vitamin to the body, we succeeded in creating ' Amino Clay ' .

Due to its plate-like structure, Amino Clay is a component that can stably, uniformly, and continuously deliver various active ingredients, including vitamins, to our bodies in a fresh state. In addition, it dissolves in water and returns to nature.

By using this world's first nanotechnology material ' Amino Clay ' , it has become possible to produce unprecedented ' products that are more effective and do not contain ingredients that burden or irritate the environment ' .

For this reason, amino clay has great potential, and it will become a cutting-edge ingredient as a pioneer in a wide range of fields, including not only skin care and hair care products, but also lifestyle products. I'm sure

In order for people to coexist with the earth, "Save ME" as a clean beauty brand promises to continue to create products that are friendly to both people and the earth.

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