Save MEのゼロウェイストをめざす容器

Container aiming for zero waste of Save ME

Container aiming for zero waste of Save ME

zero = eliminate

waste = waste

What is Zero Waste?

Efforts to prevent the generation of useless waste.

As we go about our daily lives,

Garbage that is inevitable.

Even if each person throws away a small amount

Globally, it will have a huge impact.

Although it's difficult to set it to zero right now

I would like to reduce it little by little

to help you

With that in mind, we do not burden the environment.

I thought of a container that is easy to use every day.

When you make it, when you use it, and when you throw it away

We want to be a brand that is kinder to people and the earth.

Introducing Save ME's specialty containers.

Save ME products are

It will be delivered to you in a pouch like the one in the photo.

Do you want to use it as a pouch,

As for things in the bathroom

Recommend "refill and use"

Not sold in bottles.

Without using plastic for the body,

This is the result of thinking not to burden the environment as much as possible when disposing of it.

The pouch is coated with 6 layers of kraft paper.

Although it is mainly made of paper, it is devised so that the contents do not leak out.

kraft paper package

A simple design that anyone can use

It fits well even if you leave it in your room.

It has a gentle texture.

This time, in addition to 8 types of pouches, Save ME

We have spray bottles and cream containers.

Spray bottle contains lotion

The cream container is an essence (beauty liquid) or

Please use the tone-up UV cream.

In a glass bottle with a matte texture

The lid is accented by overlapping bamboo wood grains.

Not only can it be used over and over again,

By “wanting to use it again and again”

I aimed for a design that leads to zero waste.

Just let's trash less, let's keep doing it,

Just thinking about it makes me tired because I put too much effort into it.

find your favorite

Have fun and be sustainable

I wish I could think about the earth.

For such favorite things, Save ME

I wish I could.

Save ME products in daily life,

The concept of zero waste.

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