beauty goes around


'Beautiful things go around'

Making it, using it, and even after it's used up, it's kinder to us and the earth.
Gentleness will eventually return, and nature's bounty will once again enrich the space, and make our skin, hair, and body shine.
A new era experience where a comfortable tour brings out your beauty.


' Coexistence with the Earth'

For a future where people and nature live together beautifully, protecting the earth means protecting ourselves.

What we usually think is good, is it really good for the earth?

We believe that it is important to nurture connections and relationships because people are part of nature and coexist while respecting each other.

Live with compassion for the earth as you care for yourself.
Each person's small will goes around and protects the earth and your loved ones.
It becomes a savings for the future and leads to a richer and brighter world.
We will create the opportunity to create such a beautiful cycle.

"Save ME" is a clean beauty brand that protects the future of people and the earth.
I was born with this wish.


'Aggravating environmental problems'

Plastic waste is a problem all over the world. Creatures can mistakenly swallow them as food and die. Even if plastic is so small that it cannot be seen, it does not decompose and remains in the body of living things semi-permanently. Furthermore, it is said that the organisms that eat it have a bad influence on us humans.

"Save ME" is working on product development that considers such global environmental issues, which are also featured in the SDGs.


'Living with the Earth'
In order for people to coexist with the earth, "Save ME" will continue to create products that are friendly to people and the earth, and that do not contain ingredients that burden or irritate the environment.

'go around'
We give back to the earth what we receive from the earth. Everything on earth is in constant circulation. If it is good, good tours will occur, and if it is bad, bad tours will occur.
"Save ME" promises to create products that create a better cycle for people and the planet.

'Development of the world's first nanomaterial, original amino clay'
Amino Clay is the world's first material developed with nanotechnology.

It is said that “organic” and “natural” materials, which are friendly to people and the environment, are less permeable and less stable. However, the excellent function of Amino Clay+ is that it can stably and continuously deliver such unstable ingredients to the body in a fresh state without processing.

'Eco-package with craft materials'
In addition to the content of our products, we are working to minimize the use of plastic, stick to refillable craft materials and biodegradable materials, and create environmentally friendly and upcyclable packaging.

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